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About Practical Websites

In 2015, I quit building websites. Or so I thought…

But people still approached me on a regular basis to work on their existing websites. From experience of working on those came a shocking realisation:

It appears it has become commonplace for “web designers” to create awesome-looking websites…

Most of which are a total mess – for various reasons, both technical and ethical.

Judging from experience, it seems that many people who sell themselves as “web designers” will go to great lengths to create an awesome-looking website.

Unfortunately, that is all they do. And the way they do it often results in headaches for the owner at a later stage.

Note: Not all web designers create useless or problematic websites – but if you don’t know which questions to ask, you may not know what you actually paid for until it’s too late.

The bottom line is this:

If you want a fancy website that actually works, expect to pay a premium for it. If you want a website that looks great, but doesn’t cost much, expect to get an empty shell – plus a high probability of problems further down the line if you fire your designer.

After countless hours of having to explain to website owners what was wrong with their “beautiful” websites, and many more spent on fixing and/or completing them, it became clear that there are many, many disillusioned clients who expected more.

As such, Practical Websites was born.

Our mission is to combine transparency, ethics and experience – in order to build the best possible website (in all respects) for every client.

You deserve nothing less.

To YOUR Success

Peter Prins