Practical Websites

Because websites are about so much more than just their design

Do you want a website built like a sportscar, or a bakkie?

Do you want your web designer to make your website look like a flashy sports car? You may want to reconsider…

Unless, of course, you have deep pockets, and/or deal with high end products or services.

Consider the following analogy:

1. Flashy websites, like sports cars, come at a premium. The “premium” is a slow loading website that will cost you visitors and clients. Unless, of course, you are willing to spend R400 or so per month on faster hosting to ensure your website loads quickly (on top of your R500 per month maintenance fee…). Much like your sportscar costs more to maintain.

2. Flashy websites, like sports cars, can have usability issues. All those beautiful page elements can be confusing to some people, and distract visitors from doing what you want them to. Much like sportscars are difficult to get into, with not enough luggage space.

3. Flashy websites, like sports cars, are prone to problems, especially later on. Cheaper flashy websites rely on specific tools (paid plug-in’s) for specific items in their appearance. Once these tools are no longer supported/available (a lot of these tools come and go…), your website will have to be re-designed using different tools. If not, the platform (usually WordPress) can become vulnerable to hacking.

On the other hand, if you order a website built like a bakkie…

1. It may not be as attractive, but it will get the job done.

2. It will be less prone to developing problems.

3. It will cost you a lot less to maintain.

4. For the same cost as a bare-bones “sportscar” flashy website, you can have a “bakkie” practical website that includes everything you really need – things like search engine optimisation, social media optimisation (not just social buttons), website security, visitor statistics and submission to Google via its webmaster’s search console.

In conclusion:

Unless you have deep pockets to pay for top end design, with additional costs for SEO and SMO, it may be safer to go for a simpler design, but to get all of the extras you need.

After all, when it comes to running a business…

Would you buy a sportscar to transport equipment or stock, or would you buy something more practical?

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