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Because websites are about so much more than just their design

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we come across frequently when dealing with prospective clients. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Website questions

Q. Do I have register a domain and hosting for the website myself?

A. Yes. If you control the hosting and the domain, you have total control over your own website. You can employ or appoint anyone to work on it, and even make changes yourself if you know how. If your web designer hosts your website, things could get complicated if you ever have a disagreement.

Q. Will I be able to make changes to the website myself after it is delivered?

A. Yes. Since you control your website – completely – you have access to do whatever you see fit. You may, however, want to be cautious about making changes to technical settings or installing new plugins yourself – the wrong combination of settings or plugins can cause malfunctions in other areas.

Q. Will you write or edit the content for my website?

A. At an additional fee, yes. It is not part of the basic agreement, but we can come to an agreement based on your requirements.

Q. Will my website be secure?

A. We do provide website security, but nothing is foolproof against professional hackers. As such, we make backups every time something on your website changes. In the event of your website being hacked, it can be restored fairly quickly without having to rebuild it.

Q. Do I have to sign a maintenance agreement?

A. No. If you want us to maintain the technical platform of your website, we can come to an agreement. We also suggest that updates are run (and new backps made) at least once ever three months. We do, however, believe that you should be free to choose who works on your website – and we don’t believe holding clients to ransom with compulsory monthly fees. If you want us to maintain your website, you can stop or pause at any time.

Q. Do you offer training for maintaining the website or making changes?

A. Yes. We can come to an agreement based on your specific needs.

Money Questions

Q. Will I own the website once it is complete?

A. Once you have made the final payment, the website becomes your property. You will also be supplied with copies of the backups.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. We require 50% deposit upon starting the project, and the remainder upon completion. Please also see our terms of service – we do have limits in place to prevent clients from dragging projects out in order to avoid final payment.

Q. What if I want to add something else during the course of the project?

A. Any work outside the original agreement can be added to the project, but will be subject to additional billing, payable in advance.

Project questions

Q. What do you need from me to get started?

A. We will need the following:

i. The login details to your hosting cpanel, or your hosting client account/-area.

ii. Your logo and all pictures you want us to use. Please ensure that you have the legal right to use any images you send us. If you do not have any images, we will make use of generic stock images to add some colour to your website.

iii. The written content of your website – or, if we have to write it, notes or information on which we have to base the content.

Q. How many rounds of edits do you allow?

A. Once everything is in place, we will ask you to go through everything and check for any mistakes. We allow two rounds of edits – it is easier to fix everything in one go than to fix things bit by bit as we work on the site.

Q. What is included in the price?

A. Depending on your requirements, there may be additional features, but you can Click Here to view our list of standard features for all websites. It includes the design, search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, security, visitor statistics and more.

Q. How long does it take you to complete a website?

A. If it is a basic website, it can be done in as little as two days after we received all of the content from you. Depending on our workload – which fluctuates – it can take up to a week.

Q. Are there any design limitations I need to take into account?

A. There are two: Firstly, we are not a top end design company – if we were, our pricing would be dramatically different. Secondly, logic dictates that design has to be guided by usability and Google’s expectations. As such we design websites that are dead simple to use, don’t take too long to load, and which are laid out in a way that Google equates to a good user experience (like a menu bar up top with specific “home” menu item, and a page headline that is visible without scrolling down).

Other questions

Q. What other services do you provide?

A. Besides building websites, we also rebuild outdated and hacked websites on request. In addition to that, we offer a range of services relating to writing, content copywriting, social media page setups, email marketing systems and newsletter setups.

Q. How will my website get its visitors, and generate leads?

A. Getting visitors largely depends on your industry and the competition in Google’s search results. If, for instance, you are into real estate sales, or if you own a guesthouse in say, Cape Town, getting traffic from Google is likely to be very difficult. In such cases it would be best to generate visitors through social media and paid advertising. If, however, there is less competition in Google, or you have a unique market positioning, it is possible to get some visitors from Google. How many will depend on how many people use Google to search for what you offer.

Q. Will my website be able to grow as my business expands?

A. Yes. That’s the beauty of using a website platform like WordPress – it is easy to add new pages, or even add a blog. And it can be done from anywhere – unlike websites that were written in code from scratch, or which were built using website building software.

Q. What if my question is not addressed here?

A. Simply Click Here to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.