Practical Websites

Because websites are about so much more than just their design


Practical Websites offers a range of services – with a range of features that come as standard on all websites:

Basic websites

Your basic website that includes an overview (usually the home page), services/products page, about page, contact page, ad if needed a gallery page.

Blog creation

Run your own blog, or simply add one to your website – with practical layout, automatic search engine – and social – optimisation for new posts, and social sharing facilities.

E-commerce websites

Sell online – whether it be on your own hosted website, or on Shopify. With or without products added, depending on your needs and your vision.

SEO content copywriting

Website content that is optimised both for attracting search engine visitors, and to convert visitors into leads and/or sales.

Website management and recovery safeguard

WordPress – your website’s platform – needs to be updated regularly, along with plugins and templates/themes. It is a security precaution. We offer – on retainer – regular updates, backups, and free restoration of your website as soon as humanly possible in case of a successful hacking attack.

Email capture and -marketing systems

Run a newsletter, or deliver a series of emails across set intervals to increase your odds of converting prospects into clients or customers.