Practical Websites

Because websites are about so much more than just their design

Terms of Agreement

The following terms and conditions are legally binding. Once a client commits to the agreement by paying a deposit, he or she thereby acknowledges reading and agreeing to the following terms:


a. Quotes are valid for 10 working days from the documented quote date.

b. Quotes do not include hosting or registration of domains.

2. The agreement

a. Work on products/services as presented in the quote will only commence upon confirmation of the required deposit by the client. Practical Websites will then issue a statement as proof of receipt of such payment.

b. Practical Websites commit to endeavour to complete the project within the allocated time frame as agreed, subject to the provision of the necessary information and graphics by the client.

c. The client acknowledges that the timely completion of the project depends on his/her cooperation. If the client delays providing the necessary information and graphics, Practical Websites reserve the right to extend the delivery time frame accordingly

d. Practical Websites cannot be held responsible for delays due to factors beyond their control – such as hosting issues, internet connectivity issues, or equipment failure.

d. While Practical Websites aim to design and develop websites that are compatible with current major browsers, we cannot guarantee compatibility on older devices and software.

3. The deposit

a. The required deposit (on any given project) is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

b. If the client chose to pay more than the required 50% deposit, and the agreement is terminated, the balance is refundable within 10 working days.

c. A payment of a deposit larger than the required 50% does not entitle the client to any additional rights other than those set out in these terms.

4. Documentation and graphics

a. Documentation refers to all information, written text, graphics, colours and login information required to complete the project.

b. The client commits to providing all necessary documentation within 5 working days of the commencement of the agreement unless otherwise agreed. If graphics are not of sufficient quality, it is likely to negatively impact the appearance of the website, for which Practical Websites can not be held responsible.

c. Work on the client’s project will only be queued upon receipt of such documentation.

d. If the client fails to provide the documentation within the agreed time frame, Practical Websites reserve the right to either extend the delivery deadline, or to exit the agreement.

e. Practical Websites does not accept any responsibility for incorrect documentation, or copyrighted images that the client does not have the right to use.

f. In some cases it may not be able to perfectly match the client’s choice of fonts. In such cases Practical Websites will endeavour to find the closest possible alternative.

5. Termination

a. If the client chooses to terminate the project before completion, Practical Websites reserve the right to bill for any work done beyond the scope of the initial 50% deposit. This bill is payable within 5 working days of the invoice date.

b. If the client chose to pay a deposit of more than 50%, and the work completed upon termination amounts to less than 50% of the project, Practical Websites will refund the difference between the deposit paid and the required 50% deposit within 10 working days.

c. Should the client fail to provide Practical Websites with the required documentation within the agreed time frame, Practical Websites reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

d. Should Practical Websites fail to deliver the project on time as agreed, providing that the client provided all of the required documentation in the time frame agreed upon, the client reserves the right to terminate the project. The client reserves the right to request a refund, subject to deletion of all work completed up to date.

6. Review, changes and edits

a. Upon completion of the website, the client will have the opportunity to request any changes or fixes.

b. Two rounds of edits will be allowed, whereafter any additional changes will be subject to additional billing.

c. If the client does not respond within 2 working days, the project will be deemed finalised, and the final bill will be sent.

7. Balance of payment

a. Upon completion of the project, the outstanding balance is payable within 5 working days. Practical Websites will issue a statement to reflect the payment as soon as the funds are received.

b. If the client fails to pay the balance, Practical Websites reserve the right to either delete the website, or to take legal steps to ensure payment.

c. Login details for the website, as well as backup files, will only be supplied to the client upon receipt of final payment.

8. Service agreements

If the client wishes to enter into a monthly service agreement to maintain te website, payments are to be made in advance. There are no set contract periods, no cancellation fees and no cancellation periods.

9. Search engine optimisation

Practical Websites includes basic on-site SEO as part of every website project, but cannot and does not guarantee any search engine rankings or -positions.

10. Website security

While Practical Websites includes a reputable security system in your website, we cannot be held liable for any breaches due to hacking or malicious activity.

11. Website breakdowns

Practical Websites cannot be held responsible for any website breakdown that occurs due to action by a hosting company, hackers or failed WordPress updates performed by any party other than Practical Websites.