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Because websites are about so much more than just their design

The web design fallacy – a disturbing trend

For many people, website design is about just that: Design. But just like your car, your site needs a number of components to be able to function.

Similarly, if it is poorly put together, it is bound to cause problems down the line. It can also prove difficult to work on if you ever have to replace your web designer or web developer.

Unfortunately, experience is a brutal teacher. You get the test first, and the lesson afterwards. If you fail the test, you will lose money.

You may never even know how much…


The real problem:

website problem, web designYou don’t know what you don’t know.

Just like in any other profession, many service providers just “want to close the deal”. They wow you with the price and fancy design. Sadly, what you see isn’t all your website needs…

If you don’t know which questions to ask, you won’t know until it’s too late. And even if you do know which questions to ask, but lack an understanding about how websites, Google and the internet works…

It’s difficult to discern fact from fiction when faced with a smooth talker.


Design isn’t everything:

Most web designers will work hard to make your new website look the way you want it to. Unfortunately, that comes at a price – a bigger price than the one you pay.

In order to spend more time on the design, many design companies simply ignore the other “important stuff” – in order to keep the costs down. More about the “other stuff” just now.

And in order to make everything look perfect, a lot of unnecessary stuff is often added behind the scenes, each of which slows your website down.

For most people, it is impossible to determine the actual cost of these two factors. Yes, you may find out the hard way how much “the other stuff” costs – after you already paid for your website.

But you will probably never know how many potential clients or customers you lost due to a slow loading website, and how many more you lost because Google penalised you for the slow load time.

Sad fact: An epic-looking website is of no use if nobody looks at it. It’s also of no use if it doesn’t lead your prospect to do business with you.


What your website needs:

website componentsDesign that not simply “looks good”, but actually works for mobile users/visitors. More and more visitors “arrive by phone”, so the details and cost of epic design are often wasted.

  • On-site search engine optimisation.
  • Social media optimisation and -sharing.
  • Security against hackers.
  • Search engine friendly, copywritten content.
  • A logical thought process to lead your client/customer to you.
  • It has to load as quickly as possible.
  • It should be free of gimmicks.


What do YOU want from your website?

Do you want a website that will impress your spouse and your friends, or…

Do you want a website that actually converts visitors into leads and/or sales?

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