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Because websites are about so much more than just their design

Want a Website? Start Here

For someone ordering the build of their first website, some of it can be confusing and challenging.

Here are a few pointers to get you through the process:

Firstly, you may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and the Terms of Agreement page to see if you are comfortable with the way we conduct our business, and what the boundaries for both parties are.

If you are comfortable with what you have read, please follow the following steps:

Tell us what you want:

Most people starting out simply want a basic business website. But some people have specific needs, and many have specific questions. Talk to us.

Click Here to contact us with any questions, and to discuss your requirements.

Pay a 50% deposit:

Once we are in agreement about what you want, and how it will be completed, we send an invoice for a 50% deposit. The rest is payable upon completion (as set out in the Terms of Agreement).

Register your own domain and hosting:

If you control your own domain and hosting, you control your website – completely. You can change it, upgrade it, take it offline, or move it somewhere else if you want.

As such we recommend registering your own domain and hosting.

Your domain is your website’s “address” on the internet, and your hosting is the actual online storage space where both your website and your emails will be stored.

For various reasons, we recommend Afrihost’s Gold Linux package – for most people it provides enough space for the website, backups and plenty of emails, at only R49 per month.

Click Here to go to Afrihost (will open in a new tab/window).

Provide us with access to your hosting:

The first time we log into your hosting account, Afrihost will note it as a login from an unknown device. As such, it will send an sms to your cellphone to verify it is you logging in.

Once your hosting has been registered and paid for, please schedule a convenient time to pass the sms on to us so we can log into your hosting account. We will of course also need the login details for your hosting account.

We need that in order to (a) set up WordPress, (b) set up any email addresses you may want, and (c) to set up your SSL certificate (data encryption for form submissions).

Provide us with everything we need:

a. Unless we have an agreement in place for writing your website’s content, you will need to provide the written content for your website’s pages. Even if you want us to write the content, we will still need some information we can use to write it from.

b. Your logo, and any images/graphics that have to go onto your website. If you don’t have any, we will try to find royalty-free generic stock images to use on your website. If you do supply us with any photos or graphics, please ensure that you have the legal right to use them on your website.

c. Links to social profiles – if you have any Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social accounts, please provide us with links to those pages.

Note: Not all of these have to be supplied immediately – but they have to be supplied within the agreed time frame to allow us to complete the website.

Ready to get started?

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