Practical Websites

Because websites are about so much more than just their design

Website Features

Some features are standard on all websites we create, while others are optional.

Standard features:

Clean, mobile-responsive design

Website security

Basic search engine optimisation

(Steps to let Google know what every page on your website is about)

Basic social media optimisation

(Steps to let Facebook and Twitter know what every page on your website is about, and creating a clickable “social card” for both when any page is shared)

Generic privacy policy and website disclaimer

Google analytics – to track website visitors in great detail.

Submission to Google Webmaster Tools – for fast indexing, and to identify potetial problems

Social sharing buttons, and social profile buttons

SSL – website encryption to protect visitors from phishing

(SSL – secure layer socket encryption – is shown as a grey lock icon in the address bar above your website)

A “call now” button for visitors using their phones to view your website

A contact form which submits to any email address/es of your choice

Creation of up to 5 email addresses (if your hosting company allows it)

Note: We do not provide support with setting up email clients like say, Microsoft Outlook. We merely create the email address, and send the setup information to you. Depending on your hosting company, you may also be able to access those mailboxes online if need be.

A call to action in the header section, pointing to any page of your choice

Your contact details in the header section

Optional features:

Installation and setup of professional website templates/themes for an even more professional design.

Sliding images in the header section of your website

Note: This does slow your website down. You may want to consider faster hosting if you want this.

Newsletter and/or email marketing system setup

Social page/profile setups – Facebook pages, Instagram- and Pinterest profiles, etc.

Note: On both Pinterest and Instagram there are good internal search engines. As such, it is possible to set up your profiles in a manner that makes it easier to be found. On Pinterest, that extends to your boards and individual pins as well.

Specialised forms – such as booking forms, order forms, etc.

Widgets for specific functionality – like the weather, calendars, etc.

Strategically inserted calls to action or advertisements, before or after content, middle of content, sidebar and footer.

And many more. If you need something specific on your website, talk to us. If there is a way to do it we will find it, and if not, we will try to connect you with someone who can do it.